Top 10 senior Facebook names

Greys Annantomy (Anna Freeda)

It has been a tradition for students to change their names on Facebook during their senior year. This started as a way for seniors to avoid college representatives from seeing what they post online. Seniors now change their names more so for the joy of puns and wit than for precaution. Below are Westhill’s top 10 senior names for 2015.

1. Kelly Finn: TheAdventuresof HuckleKelly Finn

2. Hannah Kriftcher: Han WeGo KriftShopping

Han WeGo KriftShopping (Hannah Kriftcher)

3. Dan Hogan: Well I’ll Be Dan’ed

4. Tara Troy: Tara Dactyl

5. Amanda Chiapetta: TheMuffin Manz

6. Noah Zussman: MostWanted Zusspect

MostWanted Zusspect (Noah Zussman)

7. Luca Pellicano: Lucan’t PlaywithmyPelican

8. Patrick Dougherty: PaTrick or-Treat

9. Sam Schechter: Schec MeOut

10. Anna Freeda: Greys Annatomy

Greys Annantomy (Anna Freeda)




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