Opinion: Student Wi-Fi access is a beneficial resource

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Cali // Student wi-fi access is a useful option for those looking to conduct research in a classroom setting where desktop computers are unavailable.

In our modern society we have become very reliant on the Internet and all its advantages, but it seems that Westhill is lagging behind. At Westhill, students always seem to be checking their phones. If its not a social networking app, they are checking, it’s something usually related to school.

The student body is constantly concerned about grades they are receiving in classes, especially seniors trying to apply to college. “I’m always checking my phone for updated assignments on either the PowerSchool or Edmodo app,” senior Rachel Burston said.

Students are often assigned online assignments that can only be completed on a computer. “We wouldn’t have to book computer labs,” said sophomore Christina Burgess.

Many times, especially towards the end of the year, it is difficult for teachers to reserve computer labs. If Westhill were to grant WiFi access, but students and teachers would benefit from the change.

Another argument in support of Wi-Fi access is that high school students are supposed to be preparing for there future college experience. “Students would be able to bring in their laptops to start learning how to take proper notes to get ready for college,” said Ms. Tintle.

In this day in age college students are completely reliant on communication and information.  Students can gain information more easily when they are given a chance to look up questions on the internet right on the spot during class.

Westhill also has many students that have other responsibilities like sports or work. Many times, coaches send emails to captains or their players with constant game reminders, practice information, or other important topics that players need to know for the next day or even by the end of the day. When there are cancelations due to weather there’s no way for players to find information due to lack of Wi-Fi access.

As captains of the cheer squad, we are told by our coach certain information to be relayed to the rest of the team. If we aren’t able to receive an email or send out accurate information in a timely manner, it usually causes confusion for the team.  “There is a loss of communication for emergency’s due to the lack of service around school,” junior Brianna Marin said.

Students in school have work responsibilities as well. If a student can’t come to work on a given day, there is no Wi-Fi to be able to call or text there boss in school.

If Westhill were to give out Wi-Fi access, I feel that students would start using it for more important tasks.

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