Opinion: Leaving early during last period study hall

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mark Sapitan // Seniors should be given the option to leave campus early on days when their study hall falls on last block.

The majority of the senior class has both cars and study hall periods. As of now, seniors are not allowed to leave school early, even when they have study hall last block. They start to get irritated because they feel staying in study hall last block is wasteful, and I agree with them. 

Everyone uses study hall for their own benefit, whether it’s studying, getting homework done, or filling out the Common Application. Many students feel that they don’t need to stay in study hall during last block because they could be getting food, resting up, or completing work at home.

“I’d like to be able to leave study hall last block because I have sports, and that means I have to stay after until 6 o’clock. When I get home, I want to go get food or even lie down because I know I’m headed for a long practice,” senior Michael Tufano said.

When students have study hall last block, they’re expected to still do their work after already having a long day. It’s hard for them to find that drive during study hall to actually do the work because by then, they’re already exhausted.

“I believe we should be able to leave study hall [during last block].  It shouldn’t make a difference if you studied at home or at school,” senior Delsy Once said. 

Seniors have many advantages this year, but I feel that privileges regrading when we can and cannot leave campus should be taken into consideration. I don’t believe that it will cause any harm.  It will decrease the amount of people who aren’t using study hall to get work done in the library, making it beneficial for the people who do want to stay and get work finished. 

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