10 creative ideas for pumpkin carving

Oh, October…  Such a lovely month filled with cooling temperatures and wind swept days combatted by apple picking, candy corn, warm sweaters, and arguably one of the best holidays out there.  Then, of course, there are the conspiracy theories and superstitions that at some points keep us awake until three in the morning.   However, all of those components that make October so amazing also provide perfect opportunities for some fabulous carvers to get creative.

The classic concept of a madman.

classic mad man







The Cumber-pumpkin (or according to some, the real mad man).

cumberbatch pumpkin

The one everyone posts on Instagram with some heart-eyed emoji.

insta-like pumpkin

Darth Vader: *heavy breathing*

darth vadar pumpkin

One of these is not like the others.

2 sided pumpkin

…Cannibalism? or would this be Pumkinism?


Death is just around the corner. *insert Addams Family song here*

death pumpkin

Lindsay Lohan?

lindsay lohan pumpkin

The Most American Pumpkin Ever Award goes to… ‘Merica!

merica pumpkin

Every little girl’s dream…

carosal pumpin

Obviously, pumpkin carving is not for everyone.  But whether your pumpkin looks like this…


“The Trumpkin”

Or this…

walking dead pumpkin

“The Walking Gourd”
Halloween 2015 is sure to be a great one thanks to all of these amazing pumpkins!

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